Scientific & Medical Advisory Board welcomes two new members

April 2021

Two new members recently joined the NBIA Disorders Association’s advisory group of expert researchers and physicians, while two others say farewell.


Professor Robin Ketteler
of University College London, UK.

The newest members of the association’s Scientific & Medical Advisory Board (SMAB) are Professor Robin Ketteler, a researcher-manager of the High-Content Screening Core Facility at the Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, University College London, and Dr. Valeria Tiranti, head of the Molecular Pathology of Mitochondrial Disorders lab at the IRCCS Foundation Neurological Institute Carlo Besta in Milan, Italy.

Ketteler has been recognized as a leader in high-content biology and CRISPR genome editing, specializing in the early steps in autophagy, the natural process in which the body's cells clean out any damaged or unnecessary cells. The Ketteler lab is developing therapeutic approaches to target the autophagy pathway in cancer and neurodegenerative disorders. These include the use of patient-derived cells and the use of stem cells for disease modelling and drug screening.


Dr. Valeria Tiranti, of IRCCS
Foundation Neurological Institute
Carlo Besta in Milan, Italy.

Tiranti’s expertise is in mitochondrial and metabolic disorders, including identification of disease genes, molecular and cellular biology, and identifying the causes of disease. She joined the NBIA field some years ago and is studying the role of mitochondria in neurodegeneration by examining cellular and animal models.

Ketteler and Tiranti replace two dedicated, distinguished SMAB members, Dr. Arnold Strauss and Dr. Suzanne Jackowski, both of whom served as expert advisers from 2016 to 2020. Strauss and Jackowski have retired from their research institutions and stepped down from the board at the end of last year. Strauss was a researcher and professor of pediatrics in cardiology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the University of Cincinnati, and Jackowski was a biomedical scientist and faculty member at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The NBIA Disorders Association board will greatly miss their knowledge and expertise.

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