February 2020

"My son Malachi was born April 28, 2016 he was a happy baby boy. He was cruising around couches, sitting up by himself , playing and talking. At 14 months Malachi was not able to do those things anymore. I was told he will be fine at 18 months I asked physician to send me somewhere else and they did. We started going to Vanderbilt to see specialists for genetics and began genetic testing. May 13, 2018 was diagnosed with INAD. He can say a few words and now is fed by gtube and some purée. He has had his tonsils and adenoids removed. He attends therapy once a week during winter months. I have currently been Malachi care giver at home for the past 8 months. Malachi is still a cheerful happy boy who is loved by everyone. My pray is that God will find a cure for not just Malachi but for all who has been diagnosed with this disease."

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