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Our Board of Trustees

NBIA Disorders Association Board of Trustees

Front row: Melissa Woods, Veronica Bonfiglio, Mary Ann Roser, Megan Thomas.
Back row: Rich Leap, Mary Tapke, Mark Karakourtis, Rick Tifone, Susan Laupola.



President: Patricia V. Wood - El Cajon, California
Vice President/Trustee: Susan Laupola - Cincinnati, Ohio
Secretary/Trustee: Mary Tapke - Cincinnati, Ohio
Treasurer: Jeffrey Doerner - San Diego, California


Board of Trustees

Chair - Mark Karakourtis - Austin, Texas

Veronica Bonfiglio - Fremont, California
Rich Leap - Haymarket, Virginia
Mary Ann Roser - Austin, Texas
Megan Thomas - Princeton, New Jersey
Rick Tifone - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Melissa Woods - Hebron, Kentucky


Board welcomes two new members, elects a new chair and alters terms

Since the spring, the NBIA Disorders Association board has been undergoing several changes, including naming a new chair and adding two members.

The chair position opened up in April when the organization’s president, Patricia Wood, became a part-time employee. She will continue working as president, but after 17 years, she will no longer be a full-time volunteer.

Wood remains an officer of the organization and runs its day-to-day operations. She will set the agenda and take part in board meetings but will no longer act as a voting member of the board.

After approving Wood’s employment, the board elected trustee Mark Karakourtis, an Austin physician and board member since 2011, as its chair. Karakourtis accepted the one-year commitment, with the understanding he could be elected to a second year before the chair position rotates to another board member.

The board changed the bylaws to make board positions three-year terms, instead of five year. Those positions can be renewed with the approval of fellow board members.

This summer, two people with ties to the organization joined the Board of Trustees: Melissa Woods on June 25 and Megan Thomas on Sept. 9.

Woods is the organization’s director of social media, Thomas is director of planned giving. Both have led sessions at a family conference on these topics and have agreed to continue serving in those roles, as well as their new duties as trustees.



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